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Latest Club News - Updated January 2020


Since its origins - way back in the 60’s we believe (can anyone remember the 60’s???) the Bay Folk Club has operated weekly on a Friday night. However, although audience feedback has continued to be very positive, we have missed this year several of our previous regulars, and the number of diners in Ye Dolphin’s big back room is not what it was. So, from 21st February 2020 (after our Winter Break) the club will run every 1st and 3rd Friday in the Month. We hope this change will be a positive one and mean we have more full houses for both Club and Guest Nights. Ours is a friendly club and we welcome all standards of singers and musicians. We will continue to strive to make Friday Folk Club Nights in Ye Dolphin entertaining for regulars and visitors alike - and we know every week (sorry, fortnight) will be different!


The first weekend in June this year will see the return of the Bay Folk Weekend, and plans are  already in place to make it the best yet. Carrie's ever popular "Café Dash" is already oversubscribed, and the line-up for the Saturday night Concert in The Cove is set to be finalised. Accommodation is always at a premium for this Weekend so make sure you book yours early.


We had some really busy Friday nights in Ye Dolphin at the back-end of 2019. It was almost like old times, with full houses of singers, musicians and audience, some of whom have even stayed to the finish! Sally Ironmonger and Brian Carter give us a brilliant guest night in early September, and our shanty friends Monkey's Fist did the same later in the month. To top off their Friday performance they once again brought sunshine and open air shanties to the locals and visitors of Robin Hood's Bay by singing their hearts out in the Dock for the best part of 4 hours - and raised the amazing total of £333 for the RNLI. The various line-ups of Monkey’s Fist have been doing this each year for some 20 years now, and in appreciation of the £thousands they have raised for the Lifeboat Charity over the years they were presented with a framed Certificate of Thanks from the RNLI. They said: “It’s a pleasure to come on our annual pilgrimage to Robin Hood’s Bay. We love singing here in the Dock among the old fishing boats - and the public response has always been brilliant. It’s lovely to see young children dancing to the rhythms of the old songs - and putting coins in the Lifeboat bucket!”

Back to the Folk Club, Paul Walker and Karen Pfeiffer gave us a memorable night on 1st of November, as was our special memorial night on 15th November for Bay Folk Club stalwart Brian Krengel.

It's ten years now since we lost Brian in tragic circumstances, but he is fondly remembered by many, and Ye Dolphin that night resounded to the strains of “Sloe Gin” and more of his songs, sung by regulars as well as members of the Fylingdales Folk Choir. We still use Brian’s old deerstalker hat* for our “exhorbitant raffle” and that night we used it to raise a total of £108.80 for Alzheimer’s Charities. It was a lovely turn-out to remember Brian, and thanks go to Garry Burnett for donating the Sloe Gin, Ken Hall for his work producing the special double CD, Gillian and the Fylingdales Folk Choir, and everyone who contributed to a memorable evening.

* There’s no truth in the rumour that the hat came from lost property at Boggle Hole Youth Hostel in Brian’s days as Warden there.

Jim Foster

Sally Ironmonger & Brian Carter

Monkey’s Fist & certificate!

Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer

Brian Krengel

pictured here with a glass of his favourite Christmas tipple -

Sloe Gin,

of course!

Some recent guest at Bay Folk: