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Latest Club News - Updated 1st July 2020


The news on 29th June that ALL the staff at Ye Dolphin received redundancy notices on Monday 29th June means that the pub WILL NOT RE-OPEN on 4th July or indeed in the near future.

With SOCIAL DISTANCING it was already uncertain when and if the FOLK CLUB would be able to re-start, but this news means that we will once again need to find another venue.

The Club has had its home in Ye Dolphin for almost 30 years now and we have had tremendous support from all the Landlords and Landladies; Tina, Jerry, Dave and Ellen and Steve - and all the staff.

Over the years, the Club has moved around all the pubs “down Bay” and we have several irons in the fire for a new venue, but it is early days yet.

As soon as we have more information it will be published ON THIS PAGE - so keep re-visiting. Meanwhile . . .


A few of the Club Regulars have been experimenting with the latest technology and have set up a Virtual Bay Folk Club using ZOOM - on Friday nights at 8.00 of course. We have enjoyed several weekly sessions so far, and they have been really enjoyable. Though the sound quality is not always great (we are still learning to tweak the Zoom settings) it is great to see people and hear the songs.

If you would like to join in these little sessions, please drop me an email at folkclub@rhbay.co.uk




COVID restrictions tightened, and with no prospect of them ending anytime soon, we had no alternative but to put back   

The 2020 FOLK WEEKEND to 11th/12th/13th June 2021.

We have endeavoured to contact all involved to let them know that the event is on ice for 12 months. We hope that the concert line-ups, venues, cafe dash participants and supporters understand the reasons for this, and will be able to take part in the re-scheduled event on 11/12/13 June 2021.

As the BIG RAFFLE, the main fund-raiser for the Weekend, cannot now take place this year, monies already paid for tickets are being refunded.

CARRIE MARTIN CONCERT: Friday 13th March at Tea, Toast & Post

Carrie’s Concert at Tea, Toast & Post was a big success.


Bay Folk Club is a special place. I’m biased, I know, but an awful lot of people agree with me. My faith is borne out by two recently aired poems. The first was read out during the Club Night in Ye Dolphin on 21st February, by a young woman called Laura. She had mentioned she was in Bay on honeymoon, and this influenced the tone of the evening, as well as the songs chosen by the singers that night. Laura was encouraged to contribute a couple of songs, and penned a short poem in appreciation of a lovely evening. She has promised to send us a copy, and we hope to publish it here.

The second poem was read at the funeral of Gil Bowling on 25th February. Gil and Joyce lived at Ravenscar and were regulars at the club in the 1980’s and 90’s. They moved to Stokesley some years ago but remembered Bay Folk Club with affection:   

Across the Bay (a song) - penned by Gil Bowling (1927-2020)

Across the bay from Ravenscar where friendly company abounds

Where song and music go the rounds across the bay from Ravenscar.

Across the bay from Ravenscar the tiny room is filled up tight

They laugh and sing away the night across the bay from Ravenscar

Across the bay from Ravenscar If we should live a hundred year

We’ll not forget the pleasure here, across the bay from Ravenscar

Across the bay from Ravenscar the time to part comes all too soon

So up the hill by the light of the moon back to our home in Ravenscar.

...and a verse later added when living in Stokesley:

Across the bay from Ravenscar I seem to hear them singing yet

I know I never will forget although I'm far from Ravenscar.

Read by grandson Simon at Gil’s funeral 25 February 2020.

Jim Foster

Sally Ironmonger & Brian Carter

Monkey’s Fist & certificate!

Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer

Carrie Martin

in Concert at

Tea, Toast & Post, King St. R H Bay on Friday 13th March at

8.00 p.m.

Doors: 7.30

Some recent guest at Bay Folk: